SafeStack to launch fresh new classroom based training in 2019

If you have been anywhere near the development and software architecture spaces in the last few years you will know the world is turning fast.

Not only are we developing and integrating at a pace unlike we have ever seen, the structures and types of systems we are building are changing too.

I’ve personally been teaching security to software developers for around a decade, and as SafeStack we have taught almost 1600 students in 7 countries over the last 4 years.

We have gathered hundreds of comments and feedback scores, spoken to attendees from all experience levels and we are thrilled with what we have achieved so far…. but we want to do even better.

Is your training keeping up?

The way we have taught common vulnerabilities and approaches hasn’t changed a lot in 10 years. The OWASP top 10, the backbone of most syllabus has seen little migration in this period and the security world’s response to the distribution and decomposition of systems has been silence.

New Courses for 2019 at SafeStack

We are thrilled to share the details of our 2019 course catalog, a comprehensive set of application security focused courses for a new generation of software development practices.

Foundation Courses:

Extension and Specialist Courses:

Got a training need in the application security space we haven’t listed, let us know. We’d love to understand your requirements.

Now with added Public/Open classes

Do you work for a smaller team or perhaps only have budget to train 1-2 people? Minimum class sizes can be a real pain if you’re small or on a budget.

We’re taking action to make application security training more inclusive to smaller companies.

In addition to our exciting new line-up, we have built a schedule of open courses to allow smaller teams to get training too.

You can check out our schedule for public/open classes online now and book directly by credit card.

Save 15% with our 2019 early bird discount

If you would like to lock in your training now for 2019, we have a great early bird offer to sweeten the deal.

Book by 31 December 2018 and receive 15% discount on all private courses and all seats on open courses in 2019.

For public/open courses, simply use the coupon code “earlybird2019” when your book online.

For private or corporate classes, just get in touch and mention the discount.

Want to know more?

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