[CLOSED] Help Wanted: Tech Lead @ SafeStack

Don’t panic.

Don’t rush.

If you are reading this and looking for excitement. Slow down. Take a breath.

Absolutely, do not send me your CV.

Read on.

SafeStack is growing

Slowly and carefully but growing none the less.

Our first product is on the cusp of launch and we now have a stable core team in Auckland.

The services side of our company is growing too and we are hiring slowly to keep up with demand.

I am wearing too many hats

I started SafeStack 19 months ago as a small consultancy and our products came from research and needs we identified on the job. I coded the tools in my spare time and around clients.

This was fine when we were tiny. A wise founder locally once described being able to code as a founder super power and to an extent it has been great.

We have moved forward, built things and grown.

Can you take a hat from me?

As SafeStack grows I can’t keep leading our product development and leading the wider company. These are two jobs with conflicting priorities and different skill-sets. I do both a disservice by wearing a cape and trying to be everything.

They say to hire when you are in pain. We aren’t yet but we will be.

I need someone to lead in my place, to nurture our young developers and to lead our product space. Some start-ups call this a CTO role but to be honest we are a tiny company and fancy titles like that make me giggle.

So slowly and carefully today we begin that search.

About you

You are a hands on, pragmatic leader of technical things. (i.e. you know how to communicate in plain English and leave the theatrics at home)

You can code, and you have been doing it for long enough to have learned a few things and be confident to guide others as they learn.

You speak Python fluently and are happy getting stuck into REST api’s and using frameworks like Django. Experience in AWS hosted environments would probably useful.

You appreciate simplicity over complexity.

You understand the importance of security in application development and design (and practice what you preach).

You know about failing at stuff, learning from it and avoiding past mistakes.

Perhaps you have worked on a small team or for a small company before, and understand the challenges of budget and resourcing.

Hopefully you will have some experience in building and launching something from scratch.

You have a life outside of technology.

You have the legal right to work in New Zealand.

About us

We are 4 people based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We are a mix of developers and consultants and often work across roles and help each other out.

We like working together, funny gifs, cheesy TV shows, the ocean, bass guitars, cats, comic books, video games, family time, good food and a million things in between.

We develop in Django and Python. We host in AWS. We aren’t ninja’s, 10x people, gurus, or fancy. We are all learning and will hopefully continue to do so.

We build our own tools where we have to, we use other peoples tools where we can.

We sell security services, develop security tools for small, fast moving firms and present research at international conferences.

Does this sound like you?

So if you read all the way down here and think this could be you. We would love to talk to you.

We don’t like CV’s very much. We do like animated gifs.

We especially welcome applicants that make us more diverse, whether that be gender, religion, ethnic origin, age, physical ability or any other factor I will have forgotten to list here.

Stage one of our recruitment process is just a chat. We will get to the formal stuff later but right now let’s just say Hello and take it from there.

So drop me and email to laura@safestack.io and introduce yourself.

One last thing…

I won’t reply to recruitment agencies or outsource companies. I don’t like generic emails and if you get my name or gender wrong it will make me sad.

We aren’t in a hurry here.

So take your time.

We can wait for the right person.