[CLOSED] Help Wanted: Sales and Marketing

Hello again,

It’s me, Laura.

You might remember me from previous job adverts for SafeStack, including our wildly famous yet sadly not yet filled advert for a security consultant.

P.S you should come work for us ^

Tiny Company, Big Dreams

As you might remember SafeStack is a small fast growing security company based in Auckland, New Zealand. For those of you from ‘not around here’ that means Hobbits not Kangaroos, palm trees not penguins.


We sell security services, training and now have our first product out in open beta (https://dfend.io). It’s a crazy exciting time.

Sales/Marketer Wanted for the End of the World

Right now we don’t have anyone looking after sales. Sales for us involves a lot of talking at events, making friends and drinking tea. We’re all involved.

It’s been a lovely way to grow a company and we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far.

We do need to face some facts though… sometimes you need a little help.

Whether its a freelancer on contract, part-timer or full-time member of the family, our little chaotic crew is short a key player.

Is that you we’re looking for?


About you

You know people… more than that you know why people buy things and how to help them make good choices.

You understand that security is a thing that every person and every business needs to care about but you don’t think that Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is the magic trick to getting them to understand this.

You have spent a lot of time selling things. Big things, little things… products… services…

You can sell without making the process seem dirty or exploitative.

You understand (and believe with all your heart) that selling the right thing to a customer is more important than selling the biggest thing to a customer.

You like to go fast.

You appreciate simplicity and honesty over complexity and ambiguity.

You can write and happily throw words into virtual paper - blog posts, sales materials, proposals

You know about failing at stuff, learning from it and avoiding past mistakes.

Perhaps you have worked on a small team or for a small company before, and understand the challenges of budget and resourcing.

You don’t mind getting stuck in and helping us grow.

You have a life outside of your work.

You have the legal right to work in New Zealand.

About us

We are 6 people (and a dog) based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We have a new office that we move into soon. It’s a little rough but it’s ours. We will still hate ping pong tables and really detest passive aggressive notes.

We are a mix of developers, trainers and consultants and often work across roles and help each other out.

We work with over 40 customers in 7 countries. We want these numbers to be bigger.

We like working together, funny gifs, cheesy TV shows, the ocean, bass guitars, cats, comic books, video games, family time, hats, movies, good food and a million things in between.

It has been less than 1 days since our last screw up. We will screw up again soon, but we believe in failure and blameless culture.

We try (really hard) to work no more than 37 hours a week, encourage good healthy habits and make work a nice place to come to.

We aren’t ninja’s, 10x people, gurus, or fancy. We are all learning and will hopefully continue to do so.

We build our own tools where we have to, we use other peoples tools where we can.

We are happy to accomodate part-time or altered working patterns if you have other important things in your life like a family or commitments.

We sell security services, teach people, develop security tools for small, fast moving firms and present research at international conferences.

Does this sound like you?

So if you read all the way down here and think this could be you. We would love to talk to you.

We don’t like CV’s very much. We do like animated gifs.

We especially welcome applicants that make us more diverse, whether that be gender, religion, ethnic origin, age, physical ability or any other factor I will have forgotten to list here.

Stage one of our recruitment process is just a chat. We will get to the formal stuff later but right now let’s just say Hello and take it from there.

So drop me and email to laura@safestack.io and introduce yourself.


One last thing…

I won’t reply to recruitment agencies or outsource companies. I don’t like generic emails and if you get my name or gender wrong it will make me sad.

Please include a funny picture in your email. My inbox is a terrible nest of dragons right now.

We aren’t in a hurry here. I am literally eating an ice cream cone as I type this. (That might be a bad plan long term)

So take your time.

We would rather have an empty seat than the wrong person in it.

P.S If you think the songs we linked in this advert are awesome/terrible, you will love our #ear_worms slack channel.