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Is your ego making your startup insecure?

It may not come as a surprise to you but there is a high correlation between those people who embark on the entrepreneur path and those of us with well developed egos.

Don’t take offense to this, self confidence is practically a survival skill in a business world that takes people on a fast paced, high risk roller-coaster in which 90% of all that enter, crash and burn.

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Minimum Security Budget (MSB)

A good friend of mine once said that “a startup without money is just a hobby”.

When I first heard those words, I hadn’t yet started down my own small business path and so I laughed and agreed. These seemed like wise words to me.

Then I started SafeStack and I quickly learned that having no money wasn’t the defining characteristic of my new adventure, but it was a recurring theme — especially when we started to develop a product. I also knew this was far from being a hobby.

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