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Our products and services


SafeStack Training

Engaging, thought-provoking and hands-on classroom based security training for software developers, testers and the wider organisation.



Premium cyber security products and services to move you from policy to practice.


SafeStack on Demand

Simple, affordable and flexible security awareness training to up-skill your entire workforce.

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About SafeStack

Founded in Auckland, New Zealand on August 24th 2014, SafeStack Limited is a privately owned boutique security company specializing application security, education and training.

With a rapidly growing client list, a world class reputation  and a dynamic range of training services and products, SafeStack is gaining a reputation for having an innovative and pragmatic approach to information security at a time where the world needs it most.

Why do people love SafeStack?


Globally recognised trainers

Our trainers are international conference speakers and published authors in their fields.

Agile and DevOps Specialists

We excel in helping organizations weave security into their Agile and DevOps SDLCs.

No shock tactics

We help you create a secure foundation based on education, not fear.